This customer had placed an order before they came to our company. 

      They ordered an drone for 8-rotor payload for 20KG Agriculture uav drone spraying. This drone had A,B point line function, the drone also add a radar. The customer said that he wanted to use the drone to spray the trees in the mountain. 

      I remember on that day, the wheather report said that there was  a typhoon on that day afternnon. So this customer arrived at our company very early in the morning. That drone had not finished when they arrived. But on that day, they still had seen that unfinished big drone, they also talked some more information with our engineers. The drone just had little unfinished, so they came to our comany to test the drone on the other day.

       When testing the drone, they tested it by themselves, asked our engineer how to control, and they taken down all the switch functions of this drone. 

      Before they returning home, they told me that our drone was in good quality. And thanks for our help, we would have a cooperation on next time.

Here were some pictures for their drone:

The following pictures were the unfinished drone

They were talking and asking some information about the drone.

The following pictures were the customer testing their own drone by themselves

JMR-X1000 Payload 5L Drone's Demonstration for Korea Customer



Customer from USA Visiting Our Company to Test Their Own Drone