Have you heared Shenzhen GC Electronic Co,Ltd company? Have you seen the Agriculture uav drone sprayer? If not, Looking at here:

      Shenzhen GC Electronic Co, Ltd specializes in the production of multi-rotor completed UAV drones and accessories. The company takes "always providing customers with high-quality products" as its core. We have designed a variety of 3k full carbon fiber frames for 4,6,8 Axis aircraft. We also producing the high efficiency brushless power system.

      Our products are mainly used for aerial photography, entertainment, agriculture and security, etc. We try to make lighten frame and reasonable structure to bring a better performance. 

And here some pictures for Korea customer visiting:

      They visit our company, they want to see our drone spraying. And Korea customer also used our radio remote control, they want to try it to see our product's quality. Finally, they are satisfied with our products. 

Customer from USA Visiting Our Company to Test Their Own Drone
Korea Customer Visiting Our Office and Testing the Drone



JMR-X1000 Payload 5L Drone's Demonstration for Korea Customer