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JMRRC Drone High Brightness Searchlight

Time:2019-11-14 16:24:16

When UAV are used for search and rescue or night security patrols. the searchlights are usually be used. However, most of the searchlights are used on the UAV drone. In the market, the searchlight are usually with lower power and lower brightness, so they cannot be used for lighting drone in a long distance or a certain altitude. But the uav searchlight developed and designed by JMRRC has the characteristics of high brightness (up to 6000lm), long irradiation distance and wide irradiation range. The searchlight can also adjust the illumination angle through the remote control, switch the lights remotely, and compatible with the remote control equipment with PWM output. In order to ensure the long working time and the service life of LED lamp beads, the LED lamp tube adopts the all aluminum enclosed shell, and add the double bearing fan for active heat dissipation. The lamp body can prevents rain. It is a professional equipment that is very suitable to be mounted on UAV for patrol, rescue and emergency lighting.

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